Fiesta Broadway


Dos Manos assisted McDonald’s in their fulfillment as title sponsor of Fiesta Broadway by coordinating and executing preparation and sampling of their Fruit & Walnut Salad at four 15’x30’ branded booths, including utensil packaging with coupons driving consumers to McDonald’s locations. Each booth consisted of one 15’x15’ sampling distribution tent and one 15’x15’ preparation tent at each end of the McDonald’s branded refrigerated trailers.

McDonald’s booths were located in pairs at the main event entrance and middle of the festival.


Execute McDonald’s premier event sampling campaign in conjunction with their title sponsorship of Fiesta Broadway in Los Angeles.


Dos Manos efficiently achieved the sampling goal of 35,000 while gaining over 400,000 impressions on-site during this one-day event. Additional impressions were generated through the substantial media coverage.