Live Augmented Reality

Sensational Augmented-Reality-Action was created and the the Munich Airport was the stage. Pre-produced clips in the greenbox communicated the features of Security, PenControl and Swappable Battery. Clips are shown with the mixed live images of the passengers. Amazement and surprise leads to a) recognition and awareness among the main target group b) by capturing the emotions and posting the viral clip adds to follow up attention on YouTube. The goal: more than 100.000 YouTube views.


As a apart of the campaign “Accept no boundaries” the target group of business travelers and decisions makers were made aware of the “Lifebook” Notebooks with a remarkable engagement. The engagement must feature the new StylisticQ550.


  • Action took place over two days
  • Target group responded in a positive and interested way
  • Produced clips received 116,000 YouTube views, exceeding the goal