Engagement Marketing

“Tell me and I’ll forget.
       Show me and I may remember.
               Involve me and I’ll understand.”



Response Marketing Specialties

Whether your goal is to sell direct to consumers, support retail sales, drive online traffic or generate leads for future sales – we offer a turnkey solution to help marketers succeed in today’s competitive world. From initial planning, competitive and financial analysis to award winning creative and comprehensive media buying, we can harness the power of Response Marketing for your brand.

Direct to Consumer

In order to succeed in today’s populated TV medium, you need to understand how consumers see and respond to your message. We’re experienced in motivating your audience to act and act now. We understand the intricacies of a direct to consumer campaign. With award winning response centered creative, media planning, analytics, reporting and digital capabilities, Makai’s your all-in-one solution for your direct to consumer campaign.

Drive to Retail

Direct Response Television continues to be a powerful medium to push your brand and generate sales. However, the yell and sell ads that used to populate the late night TV airwaves are far and few between. Small companies and Fortune 500 companies alike are utilizing Brand Response (BRTV) to drive consumer to retail stores and websites while still accurately measuring media performance. With our extensive expertise in Direct Response Marketing and our full service retail demo partnerships, Makai is the only agency that can truly take your brand from concept to retail checkout.

Lead Generation

If you’re looking to drive leads for future sales or services, or if your product or service is a more expensive considered purchase, Direct Response advertising if used effectively can be a catalyst for your campaign. Financial, healthcare and telecom services are good examples of businesses that operate through lead generation. We know how to create compelling offers to bring prospects into your database.

Drive to Web

Direct Response advertising is great for driving massive amounts of traffic straight to your online store. However the traffic from traditional DRTV campaigns can be difficult to track without the proper technology. With our web attribution system, we’re able to accurately tie your web traffic to each TV airing, optimizing your campaign to the highest performing stations.


Strategy and Campaign Development

Strategic development is crucial to the success of any response driven campaign. We approach every campaign by taking into account your overall business strategy and incorporating your direct response needs to insure overall success. Our team of experts works closely with each brand to provide unique consumer insights that deliver the strongest response and return on your investment. We create a feasibility study to insure a response driven campaign will be profitable for your company. This study helps us create custom strategies that directly address the business challenges of brands today. Key elements of our planning and strategy development are:

  • Competitive Analysis and Market Research
  • Define Key Performance Indicators
  • Audience Profile
  • Offer Configurations and Pricing Strategies
  • Pro-forma and Financial Model Development
  • Fully Integrated Marketing Planning

Creative and Production

Makai understands the distractions consumers face in today’s busy lifestyle. That’s why our commercials strike the balance between brand and response. Our in-house offline and online marketing teams work closely with our production teams to insure we surround your consumer with a message that gets them to act. Our award winning commercials continue to exceed industry standards and provide our clients with campaigns that work.

  • Short Form and Long Form Production
  • Web Development
  • Digital and Mobile
  • E-commerce
  • Print, Outdoor, Radio and Email

Media Management

Makai’s goal for every campaign is to maximize revenue while minimizing all cost. One of the biggest costs associated with a response driven campaign is the media investment. With proper strategic planning and the best and most savvy buyers in the business, Makai can effectively minimize your cost per response while continuing to maximize sales.
Performance reporting is a crucial piece of the media puzzle. We have a robust and precise attribution reporting system that ties results across all platforms to each dollar spent.

  • DRTV Media Planning & Buying
  • Short Form
  • Long Form
  • Print
  • Radio
  • Online Media
  • Display Advertising
  • Banner
  • Retargeting
  • Mobile
  • SEM & SEO
  • Rich Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Performance Based Media



Since our inception in 1995, Makai has continued to deliver on our company’s Mission Statement for clients in industries ranging from consumer packaged goods to automotive to high tech to entertainment.

Makai, Hawaiian for “By the Sea”, was established on the principals of ALOHA; the foundation behind the native Hawaiian working philosophy. Comprised of two parts, “alo” means to share, while “ha” means to breathe. To the Hawaiians, like Makai’s founder Robbie Thain, “Aloha” means sharing the breath of life.

Fundamentally symbiotic and essential to all relationships, “Aloha” is dependent upon mutual respect and understanding. It reminds us to consider diverse viewpoints and value fresh perspectives. We are not about where we are or what we sell, but rather how we do business. When you speak, we will listen. We will put ourselves in your shoes and discover what you require to succeed. Quite simply, we recognize our relationship with you as vital to our mutual prosperity.

Read ahead and see why Makai is uniquely suited to help your brand/company achieve its goals and objectives.

Aloha… and welcome to our family!

Mission Statement:

To build a passionate relationship between

consumers and our clients’ brands

Since our inception in 1995, Makai has continued to deliver on our company’s Mission Statement for clients in industries ranging from consumer packaged goods to automotive to high tech to entertainment.

At Makai, passion is at our core.

That passion about our clients and our core values enables Makai to guide and achieve success for our clients and their brands.

Core Values:

  • Creativity Without Borders

    Makai’s strength in innovative thinking sets us apart from the standard and truly delivers a Consumer Experience that brings your brand to life.

  • Strategic Brand Building

    At Makai we don’t create promotions, we build brands.Leveraging our brand side experience, we fully immerse ourselves in our clients’ brands, core equities, target audience, including demographics, psychographics and affinities and program objectives. This enables us to deliver recommendations that are strategic, holistic and brand building.

  • Proven Execution

    Even the most creative ideas cannot have success without proper execution; Makai has an established track record of turning artistic ideas into sharply executed and well measured programs.

Give us a call and let Makai begin building your brand, one consumer at a time.

Strategy Grassroots Marketing

  • College Marketing
  • Mobile Campaigns
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Regional and National Publicity Campaigns
  • Regional and National Promotional Campaigns
  • Multi-cultural Marketing
  • Guerilla Marketing


  • National Tours
  • Sporting Competitions
  • Music and Concert Festivals
  • Corporate Events and Hospitality
  • Charity Fundraising
  • Event Sampling
  • Intercept

Retail Marketing

  • Mall Marketing
  • Retail Tie-ins
  • Co-Marketing Opportunities
  • Merchandising
  • Point of Sale Materials
  • In-Store / Retail Demonstrations
  • Exit Sampling


  • Data Capture
  • Market Research
  • Chalk Talk

Integrated Media

  • Web Marketing
  • Interactive Viral Marketing
  • Interactive Tools
  • Multi-media Design and Production

On-Premise and Lifestyle Marketing

  • Entertainment Marketing
  • On-Premise Bar Promotions
  • Studio Premieres
  • Movie / Screening Tickets
  • Chalk Talk

Product Sampling

  • In-Store / Retail Demonstrations
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Event Sampling
  • Intercept / Exit Sampling
  • Movie/Screening Tickets


  • Data Capture
  • On-line Reporting
  • Staffing Database
  • Event Database
  • Retail Database
  • Inventory Database


Production Services

  • Print Media Production and Design
  • P.O.P. / P.O.S.
  • Sales Materials
  • Signage / Fixtures
  • Standees / Kiosks
  • Video Production
  • Packaging

Details and Fine Print

  • Logistical planning
  • Premium outsourcing
  • Insurance regulations and compliance laws
  • Sweepstakes / Fulfillment
  • Media and sponsorship negotiation

Warehouse and Equipment Rentals

  • Responsible storage for all your equipment, products and premiums
  • Reliable, nationwide shipping
  • Efficient rental services. Rent equipment directly from Makai, or use us as your hassle-free liaison for all your rental requirements.
  • Accurate database system for tracking and inventories.