Fiesta Broadway


Created a “Fiesta T-Mobile” to generate brand awareness and position T-Mobile as a brand dedicated to the needs of the Hispanic people. Program elements included:

  • A main tent and stage complete with emcee, interactive activities and product sales staff/capabilities
  • Free phone calls via T-Mobile cell phones
  • Premium distribution and raffles every 30 minutes
  • Mariachis, fiesta roaming teams, and a balloon distribution team to drive event traffic to the booth
  • Prominent signage, main stage mentions, and TV coverage


To maximize T-Mobile’s Fiesta Broadway presence, generating buzz and awareness of T-Mobile and their new international calling plan to Mexico.


  • Generated an estimated 325,000 onsite brand impressions during this one day event
  • Distributed more than 36,000 promotional items, 19,000 information fliers
  • Actually sold approximately 200 cell phones onsite.