Engagement Marketing


The Situation

The dynamics of marketing to consumers in today’s world have changed. Everyday consumers are exposed to between 3,500 and 5,000 branded impressions. In addition to this advertising overload, marketers are faced with media fragmentation, an increasing lack of consumer engagement and the explosion of marketing avoidance tools. The result: traditional marketing vehicles no longer achieve the same results they once did.

The Solution? Experiential Marketing (XM)

The goal of Experiential Marketing at Makai is simple: to build a passionate relationship between your brand and your consumers. Makai leverages XM, inserting your brand into a consumer’s life in a way that is unique, relevant and memorable, allowing that consumer to touch, feel, taste, hear, use and play with your brand. When done the Makai way, XM drives the consumer’s understanding of how your brand fits into their lives and they ultimately walk away from the experience as an ambassador for your brand. Powerful Stuff? You bet.

Experience the Difference of XM with Makai

The facts reiterate why XM needs to be an integral part of your marketing mix.

XM increases Advertising ROI:

  • 72% of consumers say participating in a live marketing experience would make them more receptive to the product/brand’s advertising

XM enhances Consumer Reach:

  • 80% of consumers who participate in an XM event tell others about their experience. Think of your XM event as an echo chamber – the more powerful the experience on-site, the louder it will echo via word-of-mouth.

XM intensifies Consumer Depth:

  • Consumers are willing to spend up to an average of 14 minutes participating in an XM event. Think of the possibilities…14 minutes!!!

If you are ready to discover the Makai difference and generate brand awareness using progressive marketing tools, call us to consult with a member of our Business Development Team today!