Engagement Marketing


Everyday more than 600 million people use social networks, billions of searches are done across the major search engines, millions of videos are downloaded daily and consumers are exposed to thousands of advertising messages. So how do you attract, capture and engage your customers? How do you grow your network and increase your relevancy as an influencer? How do you maximize your revenue potential leveraging social media? How do you find the right social balance? Those are just some of the questions we help our clients answer.

We create engagement, influence, awareness & action for corporate brands, celebrities, athletes and publications. We focus on integrating solutions and creating campaigns that help our clients take that next step in social media. Whether we are working with a national brand that is looking to increase their online presence, a celebrity looking to expand their influence network or an athlete looking to monetize the social proof they can provide a brand, we create customized strategies and campaigns that fit the unique needs of our clients. No two businesses or personalities are the same; therefore no one strategy can deliver results for every client. We just don’t believe in cookie cutter solutions.

We eat, drink and sleep thinking about things like social balance, social proof, social media, sponsorships, viral marketing, mobile apps, and customer engagement programs. We think about these things so you can focus on your business and brand. We focus on delivering tangible results. Results that provide you with the maximum return on your investment and influence